Handmade Primitive Cloth and Clay Art Doll

November 5, 2019

One-of-a-kind handmade primitive art doll. Made of cloth and clay. Hand sculpted and painted. She has a squared-off and weighted bottom for good posture. Sits about 5" tall. Her hair is needle felted (no glue) sheep's wool (clean, of course). Her skirt is made of a linen table cloth.


I did not give her a name. Maybe you could? 


I tend to make art dolls once or twice a year...and right now my house is a mess with doll making and assemblage/sculpture projects. So, if you like this one, stay tuned as there are a few others coming up as well. Definitely collectible <3 



Thanks for stopping by! 


If you are interested in the process and would like to learn how to make cloth and clay dolls, I do teach an online lesson to get you started HERE.








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