Why I Take WIP Pics

If you follow me online or take my classes, you know I always take a WIP pic (work in progress photo) somewhere along the way. Doing this serves a few purposes.

It is so strange how if I take a photo and look at it on my computer screen, I can somehow see things differently. The painting can be sitting right in front of me on the easel, but for some reason, I notice subtle differences when it is on my screen. Go figure! Same thing can happen simply holding the painting up to a mirror. This gives me a moment to look at the piece from a different perspective and make some decisions as to where to go from where I am at. I ask myself questions concerning what's going on with color and composition? What is working and what is not? What kind of message is the painting sending thus far? What is the general feeling of what is going on with this piece?

Another reason I stop and photograph my work is to save that step of the process for future reference on future paintings. It' a quick way to "take notes". Perhaps something just clicked. I just figured out something new or did something I had not done before as far as how I go about building my painting and I want to keep that moment in time as a reminder of what I would like to do again. A WIP pic serves as a reminder later down the road.

Finally, I just have to say, I love to share the process. I like to show others what's going on and take them along the ride with me. It's kind of like sharing an ultrasound image of a baby that is about to be born!

So, here's what's on my easel today.

#workinprogress #wip